Trump and Sehwag Are Talking About Global Warming Today, And Here’s All The Dope You Need On It

Late last night IST, Donald Trump announced his decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. The deal, joined by all but two countries, is a broad framework designed to nudge nations to prevent catastrophic climate change, and looks like USA is turning a blind eye towards the future of the planet.

On the other side of the planet, we have one of our most loved sportsperson, Virender Sehwag. Sehwag has been a pretty simple and straightforward person. When he was playing cricket, it was all about ‘see ball, hit ball’. When he retired, it became all about ‘see news, tweet news’, and we were loving his wit and humor. But then he got up this morning, rolled a fine one, went high, high, high up and tweeted this –



Yes, that’s exactly how we reacted. I mean, could you please share that joint Mr. Sehwag?

While India does have many things to worry about, the debate on climate change cannot be taken lightly, and Twitterati has really taken Sehwag on his comments this morning.

 First, he was reminded about Delhi’s pollution levels –

Some were just in shock –

Some were sarcastic –

And then came a Sheldon level burn –

We are still waiting for Sehwag’s explanation, and we really hope he has one! Not sure about Global Warming, but Twitter is heating up for sure.

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