After Their Viral Hit ‘Savitri Bai’, BigRock Is Back With Yet Another Quirky Ad Campaign Ft. ‘Just Joy Toys’

We have always been big fans of BigRock’s advertising, and they never disappoint. This year, they’re bringing back their quirky brand of ads, sure to leave you in splits. Their latest story revolves around a budding entrepreneur meeting his prospective in-laws. Now, meeting in-laws can often be an awkward experience, with a good dose of uncomfortable situations. But, here’s one that you’d never thought you would end up in and it’s all too real.

The protagonist of the ad, has an adorable business. He sells toys for a living, toys for KIDS. However, a quick online search by the tech savvy in-laws takes them to a website with the same business name – Just Joy Toys – which too sells toys for a living… for, ahem, ADULTS.

Check out the hilarious 30 second spot which recently went viral on YouTube –


It’s quite difficult to conceptualize an ad campaign for domain names. However, BigRock has always managed to ace the game of creative execution. In fact, they roared into the public mind space with a viral video in 2012, which revolved around a ‘bai’ training institute. The concept clearly portrayed that any business, no matter how traditional, could get online and grow their presence.


Before companies like and, there was and her institute for training maids. That was then and BigRock is back, after a long hiatus,  with a new a campaign that’s set to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Now, small business owners do realize the need of a website, but are still unaware of what they might be missing out on without it. Firstly, it lends you a big dose of professionalism and credibility. It’s a very cost effective way to display your products, to reach out to your customers, for customers to reach out to you and for you to make important announcements. Not only does it act as a channel of communication between you and your potential customers, it helps people find you, no matter where you are.

In today’s day and age if you are a budding entrepreneur, a website is a must, and what better way to go about it than through trusted sources like BigRock.

One thought on “After Their Viral Hit ‘Savitri Bai’, BigRock Is Back With Yet Another Quirky Ad Campaign Ft. ‘Just Joy Toys’

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