Crazy Rain, Mafia And One Incredible Raincoat – Zeel’s Latest Campaign Is Quite A Watch!

It’s that time of the year again, when you need plan your life around the inevitable force of nature – rains! From attempting to take covers under buildings to straight up cancelling plans to failed attempts at using umbrellas, the struggle is real.

Well, there’s an awesome solution! And the brand behind it is has come up with a genius quirky campaign. So let’s talk about Zeel!

Zeel has a range of incredible rainwear designed to maximize protection from rain. Apart from their choice of fabric, Zeel rainwear has a unique high collar and double-flap design which ensures that the wearer is dry even during the most torrential rains. So, Zeel collaborated with The Womb, a creative agency which has come up with a brilliant campaign with exactly this sharp message.

They have launched a TVC which conveys one clear benefit – Sadaa Sookhe Raho! It’s a real quirky concept and execution. The ad shows a guy being kidnapped & dragged in crazy rain by a mafia group. The mafia henchman and his guys try to shoot him, but they are incredulous at how dry he is thanks to the Zeel rainwear! Aaaaand then some hilarious commotion ensues – watch the video below, we won’t spoil it for you!

The benefits of staying sookha in the rain can clearly even save your life – lol 😀

This campaign, conceptualized by The Womb, an exciting new agency based out of Mumbai, takes a quirky concept and executes it in a short yet effective ad. Given the unpredictable rains around, the importance of staying sookha in the rain can obviously not be over-emphasized. Great timing of the campaign, the ad is trending over social media and garnering a lot of traction. Well done, Zeel Rainwear!



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