ICICI Bank Thanks Dads In A Very Simple Yet Special Campaign This Father’s Day!

ICICI Bank is known for always creating heartwarming, slice of life campaigns which really strike a chord with viewers. Well this Father’s Day, ICICI Bank is back with a very special campaign – this time giving a tribute to unarguably the most special men in our lives  – our beloved Dads!

ICICI Bank has launched a #ThanksDad campaign as their own little way to show gratitude and love for our dads. The unassuming, fantastic souls who make us ready for not just today, but also the future. Literally every single thing that a Father does is intended to ensure their kids have the perfect launchpad to achieve their aspirations. All the little and big things that our dads do – for that, ICICI Bank is creating a platform to say a big #ThanksDad!

ICICI Bank has found a genius way to showcase their commitment to their own brand promise of ready for you, ready for tomorrow. After all, isn’t that the very essence of our relationship with our dads? All that a father does is to ensure that we are all set to take on today and tomorrow and the days to come! ICICI Bank has got some very special people to talk to us about this ready for you, ready for tomorrow spirit that their dads bring to their lives – the reason they are so thankful for! Superstars of today take a nostalgia trip to their foundation years when their dads ensured they got opportunities and resources and what not, often at personal sacrifice. All this, so that they could achieve their dreams. Check out Sania Mirza’s heartfelt message to her father:

ICICI Bank’s #ThanksDad campaign makes us realize that no matter who you are, you owe your dads a lot – why not start with a simple, genuine, personalized #ThanksDad message? 🙂 Go create your own message here!

We love how the campaign beautifully integrates the brand message of ready of you, ready for tomorrow to bring out our gratitude for our awesome dads. We salute the spirit behind this #ThanksDad campaign by ICICI Bank, and a bigger salute to the awesome force that is our dads! Happy Father’s Day!


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