Time To Mend Bridges & Share Some Love This Eid … With Ghadi!

Ghadi detergent has always been renowned for its iconic marketing and jingles. Remember – pehle istemal kare fir vishwas kare? They simply know how to strike the right chord with the audiences. And yet again, they’ve launched a wonderful campaign this Eid! A campaign that’s winning hearts, causing smiles and spreading the simple message of brotherhood.

Ghadi’s latest campaign uses the topical background of Eid to urge everyone to let bygones be bygones. They do this through a nuanced take on life and relationships. The ad features a young couple getting ready to host guests for a festive Eid dinner. The wife subtly tells the husband to invite some of his old friends – friends with whom he’d either lost touch with or had some rough patches with – but they’re friends nevertheless. The man is seen making some calls and how easily these petty differences are set aside. The result? A happy, hearty meal with relationships revived to their former glory. Watch the video below:


It’s such a simple and yet such an effective campaign. Each of us have had our own share of relationships which turned sour over something petty. The ad inspires you to take the first step and mend those relations. It leaves you with a warm, fuzzy feeling of peace, amicability and mostly just love.

Eid Mubarak! Go spread some joy! 😀


One thought on “Time To Mend Bridges & Share Some Love This Eid … With Ghadi!

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