Owe An Apology To A Loved One? Ghadi Has The Sweetest Solution For You!

Ghadi has been making waves and winning hearts with their recent Eid campaign. They came out with a beautiful ad which encouraged viewers to let bygones be bygones and to go ahead and mend bridges with friends from the past. A simple message of amicability and love delivered perfectly – we absolutely loved the ad. Here’s a quick recap of the video in case you missed it:



But, well know the brand has taken their #SaareMaelDhoDaalo campaign to the next level! While a lot of brands may preach a nice, positive message –  there are few who manage to do something about it. Ghadi did! Taking forth their campaign theme of mending & reviving old relations which may have gone sour, Ghadi has actually created a platform for anyone and everyone to go ahead and initiate this apology! Yes, talk about connecting with your audience!

So, if there’s a friend, a colleague, a relative or any loved one whom you’d like to apologize for some misdoing in the past – Ghadi has created a tangible initiative for you! You can actually visit this website where you can tag anyone you’d like to apologize to, and start afresh with.  This sweet little gesture could actually be a huge step towards re-building a relationship.

Often, we want to apologize in our hearts, but we get stuck not knowing how to go about it. This Eid campaign by Ghadi is a wonderful, meaningful initiative which not only strikes an emotional chord but actually gives the customers a chance to derive personal joy out of it. It’s lovely to see a brand care, and use their reach to spread love and peace in the purest form. Well done, Ghadi!

Go ahead – visit the website and reach out to that name running on your mind while reading this. It can only lead to something good 🙂


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