Tetra Pak’s Latest Campaign Busts Myths & Proves Its Utmost Safety

Among the million things that all our beloved mothers worry about, undoubtedly the most common one would be their kids & family eating and drinking healthy! There should never be any compromise on that front. And the most important point of concern? Milk!

Concern over safety & purity of milk is very common. Specifically in India, given the low awareness about UHT milk, there is a lot of apprehension about adopting milk in cartons. There is always a fear of “added preservatives”. It’s this customer insight that one brand is addressing head on – Tetra Pak.

Tetra Pak’s latest campaign #SafeForSure busts all myths around carton milk. Their video featuring a girl ranting about her mother’s need to double check everything is very relateable! The video seamlessly ties in the Tetra Pak logo in the story, showcasing how it is a hallmark of trust. The video has been garnering great traction, with 77.5 Mn impressions, 776K engagements, 12.9 Mn views and 173K website views! 16 bloggers picked up the campaign and their posts have stacked up over 2.2mn+ views cumulatively!

What really works for the video, is that instead of superficially claiming Tetra Pak to be absolutely safe and secure, they actually weave in the extensive science and technology that enables it. Products packed in Tetra Pak cartons do not need any added preservatives as they are treated though UHT technology & then packed in a 6 layer protective packaging.

Watch the video below:

 In addition to the video, Tetra Pak also launched a contest where participants had to share selfies with the Tetra Pak logo. Nearly 600 people sent in their entries and some lucky winners will get Tetra Pak gift hampers! Overall, the entire campaign is running well – both in terms of gaining visibility and also in terms of actually generating awareness behind the utmost safety of Tetra Pak. A well thought-out campaign, establishing Tetra Pak as the utmost safe and best choice when it comes to food safety. Well done!


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