A Girl Throwing Stereotypes Far, Far Away – Furo Sports Introduces Us To Annu Rani

What does society expect a young girl from rural India to do? Be proficient with cooking and household chores. What did Annu Rani do? She battled these inane stereotypes, picked up the javelin and created a dream for herself. Thanks to #GripYourGame initiative by Furo Sports, we are so incredibly proud to meet the National Women’s Champion in javelin throw – Annu Rani!

furo 5.png

Furo Sports’ latest #GripYourGame initiative is bringing out awe-inspiring stories of different sports persons in India. Perhaps the most moving one orginates in village Bahadarpur, Uttar Pradesh. Annu Rani was taunted by most of her neighbours for not being able to cook and take care of home like expected of girls her age. Today the same folks proudly associate themselves with Annu. She has battled everything from lack of amenities to injuries to stereotypes to emerge as among the best in her field. Watch her arduous and inspiring journey here:


Annu trains with 180kgs of weights to throw the 600g javelin in the most perfect way – such is the grip on her game. It is this very spirit that #GripYourGame is celebrating. Furo Sports has done a phenomenal job curating stories of Annu and various other sports persons. Annu inspires us to fight all odds and stubbornly stick with our dreams. A big cheer to Annu and to Furo Sports for sharing this tale with us!


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