This Real Estate Brand Takes On Cramped Living Spaces In Mumbai In Their Latest Video

In its fourth and final installment of the ‘Forget the art of adjusting’ campaign, Forum taps on the one inconvenience which every single Mumbaikar has faced and continues facing – cramped living spaces.

That’s right, an honest endeavour to talk about a real issue, instead of centering their campaign around utopic looking homes, with videos shot from carefully chosen angles. In their previous videos, Forum has established that their brand gives on time delivery, a location to die for and commitment to all promises. In their latest video, they are encouraging Mumbaikars to stop adjusting to cramped homes and opt for Forum Serendipity instead.

It’s true, getting a balcony in a Mumbai home is like owning a terrace in any other city. A guest room? Now that’s just pushing your luck.

Enter Forum Serendipity.


Forum Serendipty offers genuine spaciousness and truly drives home the messaging of their campaign – “Forget the art of adjusting

It’s definitely a first of its kind campaign in this segment, and the brand has touched upon points which affects customers deeply. It tries to build trust and at the same time offers extravagance. After all, when it comes to homes, why should ever settle for something.

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