Furo Sports Shows You The Passionate Sprints Of Beant Singh

How many hours do you think go behind creating history over a matter of 8 seconds? Well, countless. This is the story of Beant Singh – a young man who went against his father’s dream of making him a wrestler to create his own dream – that of becoming the best sprinter int the world. Furo Sports, in their latest #GripYourGame campaign have created an inspiring video showcasing the journey of the passionate Beant Singh.

furo 3.png

Beant Singh’s journey is one of sheer ambition and passion. He won his first major medal in 2014 at the National Youth Athletic Championship. But he’s been gunning for nothing short of the world record since. From a small room in Kotla with barely any money to cracking it on the world stage, Beant Singh has put in his all in his sprints. He’s won Gold at international level twice and has won multiple national accolades. Hours of practice on the field and no distractions, watch the incredible journey of Beant Singh here:


This unshakeable grip on passion is the very essence of the #GripYourGame campaign by Furo Sports. Beant’s journey beautifully showcases how nothing but absolute obsession with your goals is what will propel you to success. Watching Beant’s grip on his sprint ensures we all sit up and take notice of this rising superstar. Great job bringing out this tale of passion – take a bow, team Furo Sports!


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