13 Steps And The Perfect Jump – Furo Presents To You The Stellar Tejaswin Shankar

In a cricket crazed country like India, it’s so imperative that talent in other sports is nurtured and celebrated. There’s a story of a young boy, who decided to give up the traditional path of playing cricket and instead decided to pursue his dreams in another sport – high jump. Meet Tejaswin Shankar!

furo 1.png

Furo Sports has launched a brilliant #GripYourGame initiative where they’re bringing forth stories of our rising sports stars. One of their campaign videos is packed with the incredible story of Tejaswin. The absolute hard work, relentless hours on the field and the routine sweat that goes into creating the perfect high jump is eye opening. Tejaswin dreamt of breaking world records with his dad, but unfortunately he isn’t there with him anymore to watch him make leaps of success in that direction. Tejaswin does more than 5000 jumps in a year and has made everyone proud with his record setting 2.1m jump at SAF in 2016 to the 2.22m jump in the Open National Games later that year. And these are just some jewels in his crown.

Watch his story here:

Furo Sports is doing an incredible job showcasing these inspiring stories. The grip of the Furo product is akin to the perfect grip that stars like Tejaswin display day in and out for hours on the field. Here’s to Tejaswin and Furo Sports and to #GripYourGame for showing us how it takes the perfect grip to succeed on the field, and in life!


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