Panasonic Strikes An Emotional Chord With #TheIntelligentPhones Campaign

Panasonic has always been a pioneer when it comes to innovation and breakthrough R&D. They are a company absolutely dedicated to providing enhanced experience to customers. And that’s what makes Panasonic so special. In all the high tech coolness, their core proposition remains deeply rooted in emotion. This is what Panasonic’s latest campaign is all about – #TheIntelligentPhones

You’d agree that a smartphone is more than just a way to connect to your loved ones – it is a way of life.  A smartphone is a way to make your life both smarter and simpler. Panasonic Smartphones take this a step ahead and pitch to create a better life, a better world. This is essence of their latest #TheIntelligentPhones campaign – potentially one of Panasonic’s largest campaigns, conceptualized by Sociowash .  The video takes a very emotional route to convey what all Panasonic Smartphones can do, and how they unlock wonderful moments in life. Panasonic Smartphones are designed to better your life. Whether its bringing you closer to a loved one when you need it the most or enabling you to buy a little something for your loved one or even empowering you to take the road less taken – with these intelligent phones, you’re all set to take on life. The video showcases a very heart warming pair of siblings and their little journey to happiness – all with Panasonic Smartphones in their hand. You can watch the video below:



It’s a deeply emotional concept which has been executed very well. The screenplay brings out the essence of the smartphones being integral to life in a very subtle but effective manner. The ad has been gaining a lot of traction across platforms – well done, Panasonic!


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