From Intimidation To Relatability, Advertising For Coaching Institutes Has Seen A World Of Change!

What do you think about when you hear ‘advertising for a coaching institute’?

Young boys and girls, with big aspirations in their eyes, looking towards the sky and then comes a voiceover from the brand which translates into..

Blaaaaaaah! No one, and we mean no one can ever relate to that, because that’s not who you and we are. This is exactly the insight which Endeavor Careers caught on to and has rolled out a campaign which is relatable to students. There are 3 videos which depict 3 very relatable scenarios.

1. The one where they are all hanging out


2. In a dramatic twist, this boy who was earning the admiration of his mother’s friends ended up bearing the brunt of their ace of spades.


3. The one with the dad and the car.


There are various reasons why this campaign is a +1 for the brand, here’s a quick summary :

Understanding the TG

The brand seems to clearly understand their target audience, and knows that you cannot be preachy or patronizing to them. The students today are very well informed, and are also acutely aware of exactly what they need. The traditional marketing gimmicks would have fallen flat. It was essential for the brand to create a slice of life example so that they could picture themselves in the protagonist’s position.



The campaign doesn’t seem to beat around the bushes, and is pretty straightforward in its communication. There is consistency across all three videos as well.


The campaign moves away from the otherwise very serious undertone that coaching institutes opt for and goes with a very light hearted route. In an industry where advertising has become increasingly predictable, Endeavor Careers has taken a fun approach to talk to students.

With everyone recalling the brand, and talking about this campaign, it sure seems to have become a household name and is gaining a lot of salience. What are your thoughts on the campaign, yay or a nay?

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