Moto & Flipkart Ensure You Never Stress About Low Battery Again!

Okay without any doubt, what is the most frustrating and uneasy situation that we frequently encounter? What is that one little sign that causes way too much stress? Yeeeep, you guessed it right… phones running out of charge!

Low battery = high stress! But looks like there is finally the perfect solution to this modern day menace. Moto e4 Plus! With a battery with massive 5000mAh power – you can pretty much say goodbye to low battery alert woes. ‘Cuz this lasts you upto 2 entire days! A feature-rich smartphone with everything from a fingerprint sensor to a selfie flash, the Moto e4 Plus has been eagerly awaited thanks to its power packed battery. And it promises to not disappoint!

We particularly love the massive hype created around the launch. Instead of the usual marketing, Moto joined hands with Flipkart and actually addressed the core problem the phone solves – low battery!

You know how you always seem to be running out of charge when a charging option just isn’t near you. In a movie, at the mall, out during dinner. Annoying, right? Flipkart literally came up with the most genius solution to this pressing modern day problem. Users simply had to tweet #NeedPowerPlus and they would immediately get the location of the nearest charging station. What are these stations, you ask? An actual digitally powered physical bus COVERED with charging points and plugs. The bus actually goes around town to public places – malls, public parking lots and what not, letting users with low battery plug in their device for a while and re-juice up before moving on to the next location. How brilliant is that! Check out the video below:


We absolutely love the campaign! Its a very unique kind of an activation that not only has tremendous wow value but it actually helps people. The #NeedPowerPlus is like a prelude campaign to get some buzz going before introducing the PowerPlus battery of Moto E4 which promises to make people less bound by their chargers. What a creative way to actually generate interest and make a mark! Well done, Flipkart & Moto!


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