White Walkers Casually Walked Into London To Promote The New Season of Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones is probably the only current show which is promoted and marketed heavily across the globe. Not that it needs any marketing, but who doesn’t love a little fan engagement. Last week, Londoners were in for quite a chilly morning as they suddenly saw a group of white walkers led by the Night King just dawdle into Central London.

Yes, it was an elaborate stunt to promote the Season 7 premiere of show, which drops after more than a year very early Monday morning for us Indians (Say bye bye to Monday morning blues!). The actors patrolled the area outside Buckingham Palace, Oxford Circus and Tower Bridge. Each actor reportedly spent four hours in makeup to capture the authentic look of the White Walkers from the show, complete with the antagonist’s signature weapons made of ice.

Check out the video posted by Business Insider UK below –


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