The Most Awaited SUV Launch Of The Year Is Here, And Here’s Why You Should Look Forward To It

Ladies and gentlemen, we have some very exciting news for you. You know how you’ve dreamed of the perfect ride, a cross between power packed and classy; a heady combination of awesome features in one mean machine? Well, you may want to sit down for this because it’s time. Time to let go of all calm because the Jeep Compass is finally here in India!

Yes, this is not a drill. The most captivating SUV is here and the nation can’t stop lusting. After all, it pretty much doesn’t get better than this. Here’s the download on why everyone is so excited about this much awaited launch!

First things first – the Jeep Compass is gorgeous. It definitely makes heads turn. It’s a beautiful beast of a machine. A five-seater design with perfect proportions and a rugged look for the absolute style statement. It’s tough yet elegant – you could literally be in the most gorgeous surroundings, but the Compass will still stun you more.

And the Compass is a lot more substantial than just the exterior. It comes with a 4×4 Drive Terrain and an off road management system. This means the Jeep Compass can go where no other vehicle can think of.

And you can’t miss the premium interiors! The plush upholstery, the leather clad steering wheel and the touch screen with Apple Car Play and Android Auto. The Jeep Compass truly puts you in the lap of luxury.

It’s got all the features you’d build in your dream SUV. Electric parking brake, dynamic steering torque, automatic transmission – you name it. The SUV is available in both petrol and diesel engine. Hence, the car can either be powered by 1.4 liters MultiAir petrol engine with 162 PS of power or a 2 liters Multi-Jet II diesel engine with 173 PS of power. To top it all, with 50+ safety features, the security measures are all 100% in place. Everything you’d need in India, from air bags and electric parking brake to hill start assist and electronic roll mitigation – the Jeep Compass has it all. Moreover, the 4×4 system improves the overall stability and grip of the vehicle, and you can be assured of a sure footed ride on any terrain.

The Jeep Compass is made right here in India at Ranjangaon near Pune. The Jeep Compass is likely to be competitively priced at Indian Rupee symbol.svg16 to Indian Rupee symbol.svg22 lakhs..

Because of all these reasons Jeep Compass is truly the most awaited SUV of the year.



3 thoughts on “The Most Awaited SUV Launch Of The Year Is Here, And Here’s Why You Should Look Forward To It

  1. Unless I drive I can not comment .The roads in Hyderabad u know . If u have adoptive suspenssion it will sell well.Regards.


  2. Looking rugged.I drove Zeep when young.It was thrilling those days, hope this model must thrill younger generation.Why silent all these yrs.


  3. Hmm Not able to Compete in US market, jeep finds india to sell their product. Jeep is never a worry free vehicle, based on its maintenance , chrysler even shut few of other models.
    I Wish Chrysler launches quality product for indian market.


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