Unveiling Mumbai’s First Ever Gigapan – A Bird’s Eye View Of Mumbai

There is something enchanting about skylines.  If you want to get some perspective, spend time gazing at the skyline of your city from a height. It’s breathtaking! The limitless horizon and boundless skies personify hope, dreams and a beautiful journey. Talking about hopes and dreams where else could you catch the most gorgeous and expansive skylines, but in the city of dreams itself, Mumbai! There are millions thronging the various vantage points of the city; Marine Drive, Worli Seaface etc just finding solace in the extensive view of the sea and the skyline, embracing and cherishing every moment of it.

What if we told you dreams could get bigger? That life could get even better. That is what The Lodha Group stands for; building a better life! A reflection of every Indian’s dream to not only settle for nothing but the best, but also extend one’s horizons, do something that’s bigger, better. Taking this vision forward are The World Towers by the Lodha Group, all set to redefine the skyline of Mumbai. The best that the city can offer you; with it’s unparalleled luxury and uninterrupted views of the skyline, truly what India deserves.

With the imagination to extend horizons even further and do something unique and unimaginable, The World Towers came up with the idea of shooting Mumbai’s first ever Gigapan; a gigapixel shot of the city’s skyline in one single frame! It’s an extensive panorama of 3000+ shots, with a clarity of 1 billion pixels, shot over an exhausting 8 hours. Not only this, the Gigapan allows you to navigate from left to right, zoom in upto 600% and explore the landmarks of the city in this one single, frame, which seems almost like a miracle!

Click on the image below to get started –

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