Deepika Padukone Is Living The Life In Axis Bank’s Gorgeous New Campaign!

Axis Bank has just launched what is potentially the most gorgeous looking campaign this season. Their latest #ExperienceAxis campaign is not only a treat for the wallet but it’s an absolute treat for the eyes. After all, it stars their brand ambassador – the stunning Deepika Padukone!

Axis Bank has come up with a wide and tempting array of offers for its customers. Their entire proposition is that a customer can enjoy every aspect of life with the bank. Literally everything from shopping to dining has its own perks when you’re using an Axis Bank credit/debit card. They have packaged this pitch in a brilliant #ExperienceAxis campaign with Deepika Padukone!

The ads feature a montage of shots where Deepika is seen indulging in experiences that the brand promises to be a part of. As we see her living every moment, we are welcomed into the world that #ExperienceAxis wishes to create. What gave these videos an added edge was that they were directed by Dean Freeman, an international photographer & filmmaker renowned for his work featuring celebrities from Katy Perry to David Beckham.

Have a look at one of the videos below:


Lovely, isn’t it? Well, the ad has been winning views and hearts all over since the TVC launch. With a great set of offers, backed by a fantastic creative concept, coupled with flawless execution and of course the inimitable Deepika Padukone, the #ExperienceAxis campaign is a definite win!

The thought behind it was to differentiate the brand within its category, which has largely become only about cashbacks. This caused a much-needed shift from providing deals to highlighting experiences. The goal has been to encourage Axis Bank’s customers to be a part of the amazing things around them, be it shopping or travelling the world, with the Axis Bank Card in tow (all brilliantly brought to life by Deepika, of course).

Customers are now gradually moving away from collecting materialistic possessions to gathering experiences & memories. This was the insight backing up the campaign, with Axis Bank positioning themselves as a window to that world of experiences.

Want to know more about all the awesome experiences awaiting you? Click here for all the offers on dining, entertainment & shopping, and go seize the day!



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