Xpert Pitches For Us To Use #EkBartanKam In Their Latest Campaign

Picture this. You’re home and you want just a sip of water. What would you do? You’d probably take out a bottle, pour yourself a little water, drink it and put the glass in the sink. A little while later, and you’re thirsty again. You’d probably use and leave another glass, wouldn’t you? In our every day lives, we don’t even realise just how many utensils we use every day! Because how does it matter!

Well, it matters to the person who has to then clean up all the bartan! It’s this simple cause that brand Xpert has taken up. Their latest campaign showcases a typical Indian household where everyone from the kids to the grandparents use utensils after utensils leaving a huge pile up to be cleaned. If everyone would be a little more aware and sensitive about this, the homemaker cleaning the utensils would actually have less burden. One less utensil used, means that much more time for her to relax. Watch the video below:

What works for the campaign?

The Thought

The campaign hits close to the heart, and empathizes with a home maker. It’s a conversation starter and encourages us all to spare a thought about something we have all been taking for granted.

The Background Score

Sung by Shilpa Rao, the melodious background score beautifully ties in the video with the brand message, and is easily able to express the thought behind the campaign.

It’s a slice of life campaign by Xpert urging everyone to use #EkBartanKam! We think it’s a great initiative – what do you think? Will you spare a thought next time to pick up a random glass or spoon which can be avoided?


One thought on “Xpert Pitches For Us To Use #EkBartanKam In Their Latest Campaign

  1. The caption should not be “ek bartan kum istemaal kariye” instead it should read “clean your own dishes”. The woman in the ad is running around catering to everyone’s whims, serving, cleaning, cooking yet is always smiling! Can we really STOP such advertisements that promote benevolent sexism of “maa ke hazaar haath hote hain” type. A woman needs as much rest, leisure time, compassion as any other human being and for rest of the family watching her slog here I found myself yelling “Move your Ass”.
    PLEASE SIGN if you are feeling as outraged as I am feeling now!! https://www.change.org/p/the-adevertising-standards-council-of-india-alter-the-message-of-this-advertisement


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