Federal Bank Takes A Humorous Approach To Convince Customers To Never Settle For Less

What comes to your mind when you think of advertising for services provided by a bank?

Jargons which you can’t understand? The plain old emotional route of advertising? Boring commercials with complicated services that are difficult to comprehend?

Enter Federal Bank.

In Federal Bank’s latest campaign, they have taken a completely fresh approach by showing users the difference if they are using Federal Bank’s services in a humorous way. The comical approach is highly relatable and builds a high recall value for the brand, who are trying to establish #WhySettleForLess? as the key communication between the brand and the audience.

The insight that the bank has caught on to for this campaign is that Indian’s are often content and happy to ‘settle’. This is inherent to us, and we are used to accepting mediocrity. Federal Bank picks up exactly this insight, and uses humorous everyday situations to pitch their brand with the core message of ‘Why settle for less?’.

Check out how each of these 5 videos is solving one problem for the customers :

The one which uses your refrigerator as a metaphor for you Salary account


The one which shows that opening an account is as simple as taking a selfie


The one which talks about how a Home Loan can get you a legit swimming pool


The one which shows you how a car loan from Federal Bank can change the way you travel



The one where with a small business loan this milkman opened a swanky new milk bar, yes you heard that right


Simple messaging, high relatability and crisply communicated. We approve!


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