GoAir Celebrated Rakshabandhan In Its Right Spirit, And It Was Beautiful!

There are many sibling stories that we hear about during the festival of Rakshabandhan. These are loving, heart warming and tug at your heart for all the right reasons. After all, who doesn’t like to see the inherent love between siblings in a way which only they can express and understand. Brands will go out of their way to leverage this festival and to get in your homes through television sets and now on your mobile phones. The story we are covering today is however, leaps and bounds ahead of that. It transgresses relations by blood and is not a publicity stunt to get you to buy a piece of jewellery or a chocolate gift pack.

GoAir chose this occasion to spread the love to our brave CRPF Jawans who protect every flight that takes off and lands.

The flights in the J&K valley are monitored right from the time it enters the region till it lands and takes off. As this is a prime defence base, it is also prone to attacks. The CRPF Jawaans make sure that every flight is provided security and sharp vigilance and are the reasons why the passengers and crew members of all flights in the region are protected.

The GoAir crew visited our Jawaans and made this Raksha Bandhan extra special for them with a sweet surprise. Check this out :



The initiative by GoAir is a prime example of the spirit of Rakshabandhan – celebrating those who protect us! It’s a fresh break from the usual brand activities that we get to see around this time of the year.

Staying away from family for months, and almost never getting to celebrate festivals, this gesture must have gone a long way in lifting the morale of our troops. Kudos to the team!


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