Ola Encourages Users To Share A Ride With Stories Of Real Life Connections Made In A Shared Cab

We just stumbled upon Ola’s latest digital campaign, and it’s quite an interesting one. Sharing a ride with someone is not only energy efficient, it can also be an experience to remember. There are many interesting connections which brew during shared rides every single day. Ola wanted to encourage users to opt for a shared ride, and thought it would be engaging to bring to light some of these beautiful stories of connections made in a shared cab.

The brand has made 3 videos, which are inspired by real stories that occurred in a shared ride. Not only are these videos very relatable, it also helps in breaking the barrier of not wanting to opt for a ride with someone whom you don’t know. Check out the videos below :

1) The one where a rehearsal became a business idea pitch

2) The one where the alumni pulled a prank

3) The one where nerds found a date to comic con


What really works for these videos are that they are inspired by real stories, and are hence that much more relatable. To further incentivize users to opt for a shared ride, Ola is selling Share passes for just Re. 1 this week. Go ahead, share a connection this week and tell us if something interesting happened on your ride.


One thought on “Ola Encourages Users To Share A Ride With Stories Of Real Life Connections Made In A Shared Cab

  1. I had the worst worst experience with Ola share today.. I booked Ola share from sector 21 to Guru Dronacharya metro station.. I boarded the cab and was about to reach my destination which was only 8 mins away when driver accepted one more pick up request from the same pickup point as of mine. He took a u turn.. which took around 20 mins to reach back to that pickup point and again reaching to my destination took 20 mins more causing a delay of 40 mins.. not only this blunder… The drop locations were also diverted that I had to off board the cab before my destination and had walk for 10 mins to reach my destination.. this is a hell experience I had with Ola share today.. never going to board Ola share again in future
    . It’s such a shit


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