A Light Painting, A Tribute To India’s Progress And A Refreshingly Innovative Campaign!

Lights. Camera. Action!…no wait, Technology…um wait, ART! In the midst of all the clutter that is advertising for cars, and all the patriotic jingles around Independence Day, Skoda has managed to do something so innovative, that you gotta sit up and take notice!

Skoda conceptualized a really cool campaign to pay a tribute to India this Independence Day with their new Octavia. Skoda collaborated with Jeswin Rebello, a Guinness World Record light painting artist to bring their artsy idea to life. They even involved a set of loyal Skoda customers for this activation. The result? A gorgeous, clever activation of the Skoda Octavia power-packed with the full LED headlights & taillights.

So here is what went down. Skoda gathered their loyalists and got them to be trained in how to make art with light! After a really fun workshop, the Skoda owners and the new Octavia got together to create a heady mix of art and technology which paid homage to India’s iconic structures. Everything from the Qutub Minar to the new-age wonder Bandra Worli Sea Link! A poetic tribute to India moving forward, truly. Watch the whole video below:


We absolutely love the campaign! It’s innovative and engaging and manages to create a something beautiful that all of India can associate with. The light art captures your attention and the lit up road trip with India’s iconic structures is a tribute to India’s progress! A well thought and executed campaign – it really brings out the underlying brand message – thats its these little touches of tech and cleverness that makes Skoda so exceptional!


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