AirAsia India Is Celebrating Freedom In Its Right Spirit, And You Should Too!

Independence Day can mean a lot of things. It could be about celebrating the freedom to live by the rules of our constitution made by our own fore fathers, or the freedom to speak freely, or also about freedom to dream and chase those dreams to fulfill our ambitions. AirAsia has caught on to exactly this insight in their latest campaign themed around Independence Day.

AirAsia is celebrating the entrepreneurial culture of our country and encouraging the youth to dream big. In this very spirit, their latest campaign shares an inspiring story of a budding entrepreneur with the audience. You too can share your successful start up journey with them.

This campaign is a fresh departure from the usual Independence Day themed ads that we get to see. Instead of harping on the over-done ‘let’s change our country’ stance, the brand has actually picked on the true meaning of freedom and is encouraging everyone to exercise it in the right spirit.

Check out this entrepreneurial story, which is far too relatable. A young boy who nurtures and chooses to pursue a dream of starting up, even though he has the option of joining his family business. Sounds all too familiar, right? Watch the video below:



The video really manages to strike a chord with the budding entrepreneur within so many of us. The campaign is a heartfelt salute to all those who #DareToDream big, and is inspiring for others to do the same. We love this streak of celebrating independence showcased by AirAsia! So, how are you celebrating your independence today?



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