Benetton Is Back With A Hard Hitting Message About Faith This Independence Day

It’s that time of the year again. Brands will appear on your television screens and your Facebook news feeds and keep talking about ‘bringing change to the country’, which will then be followed by a self-consuming message about themselves and why you should buy from them and only them.

Then there are a set of brands who will temporarily change their logo to the tri-colour. Because desh-bhakti. For one day.

It has become way too predictable, and highly redundant. But there is one brand which is breaking the clutter with their impactful messaging every single year. After the much talked about and highly popular cricket related tale last year, United Colors of Benetton is back with yet another hard hitting story. Check it out :

This is a real life story of Nurool Hasan, a Muslim who gave up a part of his house to re-create a Hindu temple that he was sharing a wall with. These are glimpses from his everyday life, and it truly portrays that we are #UnitedByFaith. In a country as diverse as India, with as diverse a set of religions, it is heart warming to witness this story about unity and pride towards our country despite religious beliefs. Nurool feels pride in being an Indian and he loves helping his countrymen, regardless of their religion.

The fact that all of us were expecting the protagonist of the story to be a Hindu before his religion was revealed puts a mirror in front of all of us. This campaign goes a long way in showing how the smallest of gestures can bring people of all communities together and how we can all be #UnitedByFaith.

Mr. Nurool Hasan, we salute you!



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