NEXA Set Up A Real Life Game Of Air Hockey To Test Drive IGNIS

Car promotions are often very predictable. Swanky looking visuals, a car set high up on a podium and the token model explaining the features of the car. Been there, done that. NEXA did something really awesome and out of the box to promote its new Automatic IGNIS. They set up a real life game of Air Hockey involving the cars!

In a mall in Noida, the brand created an Air Hockey setup, where the “game controllers” were two IGNIS’ with motion sensors. The stage had a giant screen on which the game was being displayed. So basically, you had to move your car front and back in real time to play the game on the screen!

Apart from being highly engaging and a whole lot of fun, what this promotion was able to do was make the driver experience the car’s acceleration, throttle response, braking abilities and the ease of using the Auto Gear Shift (AGS) transmission. Now, that’s a smart alternative to a test drive. The videos depicting this activation have been going viral on social media, with a total of 6.1 Million views (2.3 million from YouTube and 3.8 million for Facebook). Check out the activation below :

If this has gotten you excited about IGNIS, you can find out more details about the car here.

What’s our verdict on this creative launch? *Thumbs Up*

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