HP’s Latest Campaign Is About ‘Last Minute Laddu’ and It Is Far Too Relatable!

If there’s one thing that really unites young school-going children and their Indian parents, its got to be Homework. Let’s face it, when the school gives homework, it is not just for the student, the parents have an equal stake in it. But what makes this stressful is that the student will always remember the deadline of the submissions just a few minutes before the deadline. Perhaps when you are just about to drop him at the bus stop.

What, you thought your child was the only one who was always late in telling you about their homework? Come, join the club of parents of ‘Last minute Laddus’.

HP caught onto this very interesting insight, and has based their latest campaign around this. The idea is to make parents realise how easy and convenient it is to unlock learning activities from their mobile devices while at home or on the go to help their child’s learning.

Check out the campaign video below :



What really drives home the point is that Indians are by far the most involved and attached parents and they play a crucial role in doing the child’s homework. This campaign is very relatable for these parents and each situation portrayed is something that they can identify themselves in.

The campaign really subtly shows how easy life becomes after owning the HP AIO printer, because the parents can help with the child’s homework while waiting for the school bus itself. Now that’s really reinventing the way homework is done.

Full marks for insight!



  • BBDO
    • Creative Team: Ritu Sharda, Josy Paul
    • Planning Team: Gireesh Gupta, Rubina Ahmed
  • Production house: Soda Films
  • Director of the TVC: Rajesh Krishnan
  • HP: Ayesha Durante, Deepti Dang, Kanika Puri
  • PHD: Amit Duggal, Anuj Madan, Arpita Ghosh, Arun Bhardwaj
  • Details of the production house: Soda Films

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