Airbnb Continues To Innovate To Win In India, Partners With Jet To Woo The Indian Travellers!

Young Indian travellers are changing the way they travel, and brands clearly are taking note of it. Checking off must-see lists & taking selfies is very passe, travellers are opting for the actual experiences that every city in the world has to offer. This right here, is what Airbnb is all about. Airbnb urges you to actually live like a local when you visit your dream destination. The concept of Airbnb has been growing in India, but the brand took a giant step towards expanding its Indian footprint by announcing their latest partnership with Jet Airways.

Through this partnership, travellers who book Airbnb will receive 10% off on their next Jet Airways flight. A sizeable chunk of accommodation bookings in India still happens through the travel websites themselves, and through this Airbnb will have inroads to users booking flights on Jet Airways. Also, as an inaugural offer, the first 100 Jet Airways travellers booking their accommodation with Airbnb will also receive 10% off their Airbnb stay.

To announce this exciting partnership Jet Airways is also running a contest on their website. Five lucky winners have the chance to win free flight tickets from Jet Airways and stay coupons worth Rs 35000 from Airbnb. Customers booking a Jet flight during the period between 23rd August and 1st September, 2017 are eligible to enter the contest. This contest will be open for all domestic and international flight bookings originating from India.

This partnership is a giant stride for Airbnb as a brand in India as it allows them to establish a deeper connect with the new age Indian travellers who are seeking unique travel experiences. The two brands (Airbnb and Jet Airways) believe that the alliance is a natural fit as the segment which prefers Jet Airways as an airline of choice also prefers a living experience like Airbnb.

Airbnb is a breakthrough concept, truly enabling globalisation and making homes away from homes all over the world. This first-of-its-kind alliance with Jet Airways will enable more folks to opt for this experience and will open up doors to a true-blue local lifestyle – all over the world!

If you missed out their recent and hugely successful #LiveThere campaign, do check it out below :


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