Tata Motors Puts A Festive Touch On Their Latest Campaign Dedicated To Ganpati!

India is a land of many festivals – each celebrated as gloriously and with as much love. But if there’s one festival that truly exemplifies passion and vigour, it has to be Ganesh Chaturthi! The streets are filled with people – young and old – dancing to the beat of Ganpati. There’s one brand which has been silently omnipresent in this festival – and they’ve chosen to celebrate this with a campaign this year! Tata Motors!

Tata Commercial Vehicles have been an interal part of Ganpati Bappa’s journey. Think of when most people bring Ganpati home or do the Visarjan – what is the one common factor? Yes, you’ll pretty much always see the Tata trucks on the road being used to ferry the idol. This is the association that Tata Motors is celebrating – they are the unofficial ‘vahan’ of Bappa – and they’re delighted being that! This is the spirit behind their latest campaign. An upbeat video celebrating Lord Ganesha in all the glory – a little gesture to showcase their joy in being the ‘vahan’!

You can watch the video below:


The video aims to bring all the focus on the colours, sounds and feels associated with Ganesh Visarjan. It’s all about paying a tribute to Ganpati Bappa in a simple, pure form. This is a unique campaign by Tata Motors, where they steer clear of talking about their product and instead just focus on the festive spirit and the joy associated with it. The campaign is aimed to go in sync with the solid Tata brand, wanting to celebrate all things Indian, festive and joyous. What do you guys think about the campaign?




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