Fortis Healthcare’s #MoreToGive Campaign About Organ Donation Is As Impactful As It Is Beautiful

When it comes to organ donation, there is a general lack of awareness that exists in our country. The lack of awareness also results in a high level of reluctance for the noble task. In India, the current organ donation rate is 0.5 donors per million people, as compared to more than 30 donors per million in many western countries. While the sheer size of our population is a reason, awareness about the concept is still a concern.

Fortis Healthcare has recently been championing the cause, and has been educating and encouraging people to pledge their organs. There is a serious shortage of organs and the there many who continue to wait for the transplant. Many lives can be saved by pledging our organs and Fortis’ initiative in this regard is commendable.

In their latest campaign #MoreToGive, the hospital chain brings to the fore a moving real life story – Check it out:


While we all believe that matches are made in heaven, this campaign proves that some matches are made right here on earth. The story-telling is exceptional, and the communication is crystal clear.

While such campaigns will drive change, it will require each and every one of us to join the cause. And you too can help, by pledging your organs.

A selfless act of organ donation can make you feel very satisfied and give you a sense of solace. For family members, it is also a way of remembering their loved ones and somewhere believe that they are still living on, while someone in need has been gifted with life.

One thought on “Fortis Healthcare’s #MoreToGive Campaign About Organ Donation Is As Impactful As It Is Beautiful

  1. I have applied to donate my organs ( after death) through online In your webside long before ( may be six month before or more ) , after that one lady ( from your side may be) also made a phone call and told me as you have applied for ordan donation here ,we want some more information , I gave all the details, and she said that I will get a card very soon , but still I did not got any card, yesterday when I made a phone call in your hospital in kolkata ,they said to send the screen short but I do not have any proof now as I lost my phone during this time .


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