Netflix Is Advertising The 3rd Season of Narcos By Secretly Placing ‘White Powder’ in Nightclub Bathrooms

If you have been binging on the third season of Narcos, you are sure to get awed by the Marketing strategy that Netflix has been using for this season. It’s a really interesting out of home campaign, which involved advertising in the bathrooms of various clubs and bars.

Why the bathroom’s of clubs and bars you ask?

Because that’s exactly the place where customers in the 90s consumed most of the product that the Cali Cartel was distributing.

Check this out for example.

“Here in the ’90s? There’s an 80% chance this power came from the Cali Cartel” – These transparent stickers were placed on urinals with an image of a rolled up $1 bill and “white powder”.


The brand didn’t stop at that, they made coasters as well – which had mirrors on them. Why mirrors? It’s the favourite surface for most consumers to snort cocaine from.


This new advertising is as secretive as the Cali Cartel’s operations – we love it!


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