YouTube Sensation Sahil Khattar Takes Ola Share Rides To Find Out The Issues That Bother The Millennials

It’s 2017, and everyone today has a voice and an opinion, but still very few platforms to express these thoughts. Especially when it comes to Indian Millennials, they all have a practical chain of thought, and their concerns are with respect to very real issues in the country. From gender equality to freedom of sexuality to traffic on the streets and to employment opportunities, Indian millennials are concerned about more real issues which affect a larger cohort of people.

It is exactly this insight that Ola caught on to, and launched their latest campaign – #FarakPadtaHai. One of the key issues which concerns today’s youth is the increasing amount of traffic on the streets and the high pollution levels. This ties in perfectly with their Ola Share proposition. The brand has been encouraging users to take up shared rides and make an actual difference to this problem.

They took the campaign a step ahead, with Saahil Khattar (who is addictively energetic in this video) taking an Ola Share to talk to the millennials and hear their voice of reason on what issues bother them.

Check out the conversation below :

You can get into the conversation as well by tweeting about the issues that bother you by using the #FarakPadtaHai hashtag.

M.O.M’s Point of View : A fun and energetic campaign, talking about real issues and encouraging people to play a part in reducing traffic and pollution with a super strong brand connect – Kudos!

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