The Latest Video Campaign By BigRock Is Winning Hearts With Its Lyrical Message Of #NoDifference

Across the entire big, wide world, there are billions of faces in millions of places! Can you imagine how perfect and gorgeous this diverse world would be if everyone and everything was treated equally. No jealousy, no biases, no bad vibes! Simply put –  #NoDifference! It’s this wonderful message that BigRock has woven into a music video in their latest campaign!

Performed by Nikhil D’Souza and Pankaj Awasthi, the video talks about how there is #NoDifference in society, be it caste, creed, religion, gender or social status. At the end of the day, there should be no prejudice or discrimination on any front. The lyrics of the video are winning hearts all over. The music and soulful rendition really does make you sing along happily. Watch the full video below:


We absolutely love the video! BigRock has used the power of poetry and music to help bring a utopic world to life. A world of only love and happiness, and of no differences! Indeed something we should all aspire to achieve!

The brand uses this insight and extends it to its own brand messaging. Much the same way as they are preaching the message of #NoDifference, BigRock is offering its customers a chance to purchase a .com and a .net domain at the same price! Through this it aims to address the fact that there is #NoDifference in the kind of value that these two domains provide.

BigRock has always delighted marketing enthusiasts with their quirky brand of ads, be it the Savitri Bai one or the one with Just Joy Toys – they always left you in splits. This time around though, the messaging was different and we loved it all the same!


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