Brand Factory’s Quirky New Store In Bengaluru Has Positioned Itself As The Millennial’s Store

The festive season is upon us, and it brings along with itself the greed to shop, the greed to look good, the greed for fashion, and the greed to get all this at the best prices possible. Brand Factory has caught onto exactly this insight of our inherent greed of awesomeness this season, and has based their latest campaign around this – #BengaluruGetsGreedy!

Why Bengaluru you ask? The brand has opened the gates to its latest Brand Factory outlet and it is full of quirk! Targeted at the millennials the store is unlike any other and has positioned itself as the go to store for the target segment.

Keeping in line with the communication of ‘greed’, the store has installed a ‘Greed Scale Challenge’, where customers can weigh their shopping bags and get rewarded for purchasing products weighing more than 5 kgs.

Abish Mathew taking the ‘Greed Scale Challenge’

With quirky messages across the walls of the store, the brand has created a unique proposition in terms of the store experience.

For instance, even the trial rooms try to make a conversation with you, so that your store experience is as much fun as possible. Check out this fun message right outside the trial room.

The biggest proposition for the brand is that the have the best prices, and when you purchase from them you aren’t spending, you are saving. Keeping that in mind, the nomenclature of the billing counter has been changed to ‘Saving Counter’


It’s not just the store experience, but the brands on offer itself which is making this store the go to destination for shopping in Bengaluru. From sporting giants Nike and Puma, to trendy and fashionable brands like Vero Moda, Only and Chemistry, the store boasts of a pretty exhaustive collection of your fashion needs. From denim legends like Levis and Pepe, to formal brands like Park Avenue and Arrow, the store has all your shopping needs covered, and that too at the best prices. The brand has promised a discounting of 20% – 70% through the entire year!

Time to bring those shopping bags back home!

Check out the video below to experience the new Brand Factory store in Bengaluru (Marathahalli).

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