Nestaway’s Quirky New Campaign Has A Solution For All Your Renting Needs

Are you looking to rent a house in a big city and don’t want to over-spend?

Okay sorry, but can you blame us? Renting a house has become an ordeal nowadays. First, you will probably be introduced to the dingiest and shabbiest of apartments. Then, you will probably compromise on the location and the size of the house. Even though you have settled for something that you don’t really like, at a rent which is over your budget, you will also have to pay a hefty brokerage.

One brand that has brilliantly managed to capture this insight & offer a solution is… NestAway.

NestAway is an awesome broker-free solution to finding houses on rent across major cities in India. Their latest campaign is an accurate and funny take on the issue of brokerage. The ad takes a jibe at the high amount of brokerage that we pay while renting, and offers a great solution to avoid it. The ad is short, simple and funny. The quirkiness of the campaign is perfect for the target audience, and also creates a high recall. Check it out!


Super-fun content, and sticks to the overall humorous and satirical nature of advertising that NestAway has been doing in the past as well.

With NestAway homes you don’t have to compromise on your wishes or desires, be it joining a hobby class or travelling to another country. Their solution is affordable, as there is no brokerage involved and they come with only 2 months of security deposit as compared to the minimum of 6 months that landlords demand.  The homes also have on-demand maintenance for plumbing, electrical issues, carpentry, pest control etc. Easy to find, easy to move in, and a lot of savings.

Are you a bachelor? Yeah, we know your kind. You are probably living on the streets because no one is willing to rent out their homes to you. And why should they, you are after all perceived as a party-loving, noise-making, ruckus-creating human being! With Nestaway, there is no discrimination, whether you are single or married. The brand provides beautiful homes for bachelors the same way they do for families.

We loved this campaign, what about you?

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