Ranbir Kapoor Plays A Super Salesman In Renault KWID’s Quirky New Campaign

In the automobile industry, marketing campaigns have become highly predictable. A wide shot of an exotic location, the car zipping around followed by a zoomed in image of the plush interiors and ending with technical features which you and I don’t understand. In this cluttered environment, it has almost become difficult to differentiate between two brands, since their advertising looks largely the same.

This is where Renault has stepped in and taken a non-traditional and ‘hatke‘ route to talk about the new Renault KWID. Even in the past, Renault has always approached their marketing differently, but this particular campaign takes it a step forward.

During the launch of this variant, Renault released a video featuring its brand ambassador Ranbir Kapoor, disguised as a Renault Employee and social media started buzzing with what this was about. Check out the teaser below :


In the reveal which happened today, we see Ranbir playing the role of an enthusiastic, middle-aged salesman in a Renault Showroom. An unsuspecting couple walks in to be greeted by Ranbir, who goes on to explain the features of the car while making subtle references to his real identity. The couple is caught unaware, until he takes off his disguise and surprises them.


What is particularly admirable is the approach to the whole idea and the crisp execution. We love that the brand explored a completely different route of getting their point across, instead of resorting to tried and tested (read boring) methods. In an otherwise cluttered marketing environment, this is a refreshing campaign and is already winning hearts across the audience.


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