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15 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Please find below a brief note and link to our new TVC.
    It is centered around a heart-rending confession of a playful pet dog caught in an insipid life. And it comes with a twist that will touch your heart. Boman Irani has lent his voice to the dog. Do share on your page, if you can, to help the cause.
    The TVC is rapidly spreading on social media. Do have a look.


  2. Respected,
    Is there an online internship or anyway I can work or contribute for mad over marketing.

    Amit Saraogi


  3. It’s just so impressive to see your work on facebook.. have become a huge fan of your posts… Being a branding professional, it simply triggers my mind… Thanks!!!


  4. Hello,

    Am writing from Brb Media. We are a company that recently ran a campaign on the TOI headlines about Deepika’s cleavage and the issue they made about her let out for the same.

    We were wondering if you could help us spread the campaign further through your page. Please visit the Brb Media page ( and support us if you think we’ve been mad over this issue. It is important to us and other women. We’ll be grateful.

    Thank you,

    Promita Sen


  5. Hi,

    I am writing to you in regards to a video campaign by Clean and Clear and Culture Machine

    Check out the video here:

    Since time immemorial girls have the fear of being judged. They tend to hold themselves back because they fear being called names or not accepted. That is why they constantly try to fit into stereotypical moulds. Inspiring teenagers to break away from this tradition, J&J along with Culture Machine Digital Video Entertainment Company have created their latest video. This beautifully crafted video aims at inspiring every young girl to be ​courageous, to be herself. It has been made with the belief that true happiness comes when you let go of your inhibitions and show your real self. These girls reassure other girls like them with their stories, their journeys of discovering themselves without letting others or their fears pull them down. They send out the message to every girl to shine and smile always.


  6. The curious case of Dumb Selfies!

    A new video by Culture Machine for LAVA Mobiles that explores the “Dumb” side of selfies
    in a new interestingly treated way.

    Up until a few years ago, one’s name, age, sex, hobbies, interests made them the person they are. It formed their personal identity. But not anymore, selfies are as equally important or in fact more important than having any of these! Selfies becoming a raging trend is no new fact, but one cannot completely ignore the plethora of annoying, silly and absolutely pointless selfies that people throw on to others to take a look at. To highlight this phenomenon Culture Machine Digital Video Entertainment Company in association with LAVA Mobiles has come up with a new video titled ‘Dumb Selfie Anonymous’ on Being Indian.

    Set in a highly fictitious yet extremely relatable concept, the video is a comical take on a hypothetical therapy group in a session for people addicted to take Dumb Selfies. Set within a meeting of this imaginary group, the video has many variants of people confessing their heinous crime of having clicked some really dumb selfies. Be it the duckface selfies or the selfies of one’s feet, taking dumb selfies is an epidemic that needs to be stopped, and this video will definitely help put the message out there!



  7. Relaxo Flite is synonymous with great fashion, style, youth appeal and colour, understanding the vibrancies of the brand the company for the very first time has associated with Bollywood diva Sonakshi Sinha to endorse Flite collection. Sonakshi Sinha with her vibrant and effervescent personality is the perfect match to represent the brand in its new TVC campaign.
    Here is the link for the TVC.


  8. Hi I would require case studies/success stories of brands without revealing brand name or marketing approach or keeping curiosity until the brand launch date. Especially indian market. please share if you have any. if you have any article / blog for the same please share.Thanks


  9. Hi There,

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    best regards


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