Q. What is Mad Over Marketing exactly?

Mad Over Marketing is the good, bad and ugly of advertising! Our cool line is – We applaud the best and make fun of the rest. So basically we share a lot of cool stuff in advertising and give our opinion on them.

Q. Is all this fuss just about ads?

Not exactly. There’s also a lot of fun content around brands in general. We talk as much about a brand IPL as about a Coca Cola… Get it?

Q. Who decides what ads are good or bad?

There’s no easy way to say it… We do. We’re really cool that way.

Q. Oh that sounds like something I want to do. Can I?

Are you that good, are you? No seriously, are you? Please send us your content by clicking here. Yay!

Q. So what do I contribute?

Anything under the marketing sun! Print / video ad, an interview with anyone who is someone, fun memes, articles… Anything!

Q. I’m a rich, hot shot advertiser / influencer. What you got for me?

Welcome, welcome. We love your kind! Partnerships, services, ad space? Anything else? Get in touch with us by clicking here.

Q. I’m poor but I have a thing I’m working on. Can you help?

Sure sure, we can totally relate to you. We can reach out to a lot people about what you’re doing – let’s figure something out. Click here!

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